12 Pleasant Effects of a Digital Detox That Make It Worth the Struggle


Social media have become an integral part of our lives. They make our personal and business communications easier and unite people with similar interests around the entire world. We spend around 2,5 hours a day checking our feed. So, an average social media user spends more than 1 month on online communication per year. Some digital minimalists were so impressed with this number, that they decided to take a break.

Your respiratory function will improve.

Digital detox is good for those who are used to checking their social media, sitting on the couch. A study showed that sitting when using your smartphone can hinder your respiratory function. It happens to low muscle activity of the checks and changes of the biomechanics. You will breather deeper if you cut down on social media and do something different.

You won’t overeat as much.


Scientists found a link between overeating and seeing the feed with photos of delicious foods. Photos of delicious food make us hungry even when we’re physiologically full. This is especially dangerous for obese people.

It’s highly likely that you will stop overeating if you stop checking your feed. Digital detox will help you get rid of the trigger that makes you want to eat something

Your eyes will feel better.

When you don’t use social media, you considerably cut down the time you spend in front of the screen. And your eyes will thank you for that. According to experts, every second user suffers from eye strain. And if you are in this 50{5e7c65e441e52f4bf1acfd584b456199c30fd15874601cbb78ed6380992e3048}, the positive changes will come.

Working at a computer or laptop for a long time is the biggest part of the eyestrain we have. But phones can also cause dryness and eye irritation, headaches, and blurry vision. Fortunately, it’s possible to decrease the negative effect by using artificial tears and controlling the time you spend using your phone.

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