12 Times Attentive Viewers Noticed Inaccuracies in Movie Costume Designs


Creating a film is hard work and often requires hundreds of people, so the chances of making a mistake on set are huge. Some of these mistakes end up in the bloopers, but there are some goofs that appear in the film itself and shock viewers. They’re often the result of blunders made by costume designers, especially in historical movies.

Enola Holmes 2

The evening gown that Enola wears to the ball looks quite accurate. The colors of the dress are quite popular to that period, plus the costume is provided with a train holder. But in some parts, the outfit is too flat. The bustle should have been twice as big.

The King’s Speech

This film about the hardships of preparing the coronation speech of George VI won 4 Oscars and was nominated for 12 awards, including Best Costume Design. But in the scene where Colin Firth is wearing a kilt, experts found a few significant mistakes. The design of this kilt appeared only in 1997, and it’s an Irish kilt, not the Scottish one that the royal family members wore.

Mary Shelley

Unfortunately, many outfits in this film look too modern. Some gowns were lacking petticoats and additional layers. Also, the costume designers mainly chose linen-like materials instead of wools or crisp silks. The pink outfit which Mary wears in the first third of the story is the best example of these inaccurate choices. It just looks too modern.

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