14 Things You Should Never Buy Used, Even if They’re Really Cheap


Buying used things doesn’t only help keep the budget in check, but it’s also good for the environment. However, there are some goods that you shouldn’t buy if they are used. It might lead to substantial financial investments, and harm your health.

Booster seats.

Booster seats have a service life of around 6 years. The heatwaves and cold affect the construction, and there might be microcracks you can’t see. These defects make the effectiveness of booster seats lower in case of emergency.

Even if the owner is sure the seat was never in a car accident, and you can’t see any visible damage, it’s not a guarantee the booster seat is safe.


When you buy used perfumes, there’s a chance that they are counterfeit. Because it’s been used, it’s hard to know if it’s original or not. Fake perfumes may contain dangerous organisms that may be harmful to you.

Smart home devices

If a smart home device had been linked to another account, the new user might have problems with using it safely. Besides, criminals might sell a hacked or infected device to get access to personal data.

It’s better not to buy such devices from people you don’t know, or there’s a risk of fraud. Selling used devices is not a good idea, either, because they might contain confidential information about the previous owner.

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