17 Mysterious Objects That Spur Our Imagination


Imagination is so powerful, it is even capable of creating objects so unique that not everyone can understand what they are for. Nature is not far behind and also shows its inventiveness in, for example, plants that are common to some and a mystery to others. Fortunately, there is no need to hire detectives to find out what we have in front of us.

1. “Cleaning out my grandma’s house to sell and found this. What is it?”

Answer: “It’s a flour duster. You use it to sprinkle flour across your work surface. You can use it to dust powdered sugar over cookies and whatnot too.”

2. “Somebody, please tell me what substance just exploded out of my kitchen sink?”

Answer: “What you see in your sink is what is in the drains below your apartment, so all the gross water from the sinks and dishwashers above yours. I’m guessing you live on the bottom floor, and that means there is a blockage in the drain line below your apartment.”

3. “What is this fabric thing I found at the thrift store today? It only has one opening, which is stretchy.”

Answer: “It’s a chair cover. You fit it over the back of chair, then pull it down and over the seat. The elastic area will be under the seat. I’ve got some just like it.”

By the way, thrift stores can be a true treasury.

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