18 Mysterious Objects That Had the Entire Internet Puzzled Over Their Purpose


It would seem that in the 21st century we know everything about the world around us. But we can still come across things that’ll have us scratching our heads over their intended purpose. For example, why do some bras have extra straps? And, how could a metal ball end up in a baby’s cot? But the Internet can provide answers to almost any question.

«I found this while using my metal detector. It’s not magnetic, doesn’t spark when grinding. Doesn’t drill at all and is incredibly heavy and tough.»

Answer: “It was bronze cast in the Bronze Age, I donated it to the museum for further test.”

«Solid metal thing found in a farming museum. Has rubber straps and chains.»

Answer: “It’s a bull or horse blinder.”

«What’s this heavy, brass, genie lamp-like object with both a weird cutout spout and a narrow upwards spout?»

Answer: “It’s a lamp. It’s literally an oil lamp, to be used to create light. The wick goes in the spout. The oil goes in the belly. You light the wick and a flame will burn on the end of the spout like a little candle, and you can carry your lantern around with you.”

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