30+ Amusing Office Photos Will Help You Beat Cubicle Boredom


When you work in an office and have to see and talk to the same boring people and do the same monotonous job every day, life can get fairly boring. If only The Office were real, and we could all have a boss like Michael Scott, who is fumbling but funny. But don’t worry, we’ve gathered some of the most funny office photographs we could find that will have you giggling for hours. You may irritate your coworkers, but at the very least you will be thoroughly entertained!

On Halloween, the Paleontology Department

No matter how much time passes, these T-rex outfits will always be amusing, because when it’s Halloween and you work in the paleontology department at a university, you don’t play about with your anatomically precise dinosaur costumes. The only problem is that we doubt they got much work done that day, given that T-rexes have tiny small arms that are virtually worthless. But, hey, we can’t all be productive all of the time, can we?

Just One of Those Days

We’ve all had days at work when there’s nothing to do. So you go to your employer and say, “Hey boss, is it okay if I just go home early today because there isn’t much going on?” “No, Gabe, you need to stay right there at your desk until 5 o’clock and no earlier,” your employer invariably responds. You’ve got to do something to pass the time! Why not spend it making random online strangers laugh?

What a lovely piece of art

Don’t cry over spilt wine, as the saying goes. Okay, that’s not exactly what they say, but after an employee accidently spilled wine on the floor, this guy decided to make the best of it by transforming it into a terrified raccoon-cat hybrid-thing. Is that a raccat? Or how about a catcoon? In any case, it’s now a stunning work of art. And if his employees don’t think it’s a wonderful work of art, too bad, since it’s not going anywhere.

He’s Got a Point…

If you despise the Comic Sans font, know that its creator does as well. His name is Vincent Connare, and he regrets creating a monster that has become an international laughingstock. But, truly, what can you do with Comic Sans? It appears to be inappropriate at a Fortune 500 company (or any reputable company). How about a kids’ birthday party? To be honest, even children might think it’s immature…

Paul’s Productivity

Paul has an incredible grasp on the size of planetary bodies in our solar system for someone who is so lethargic. Should we propose a job shift for him? He must have spent several days wrapping rubber bands around each other to produce a rubber band ball the size of a volleyball. Maybe he should study engineering. Whatever it is, it is evident that he has to leave his current position!

A Scoop for Spoons

It’s as if whoever set this up experienced a pandemic or something! However, it is kind of unpleasant when individuals dig through communal draws of cutlery with their filthy fingers. In fact, that’s quite revolting. After all, who wants other people’s filth on their spoons? After all, some folks don’t even wash their hands! So, if you ask us, this system is actually quite rational. Thank you for the spoon scoop idea.

A Bathroom Dedicated to Ben

You get the entire men’s bathroom to yourself when you’re the only male in the workplace, which is a pretty good deal. No more waiting around for what seems like an eternity for other people when you’re desperate since you just drank an entire pot of coffee by yourself. Ben, the world (or, in this case, this one bathroom in your office) is your oyster. You are free to do whatever you desire. Live out your fantasies to the utmost.

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