8 Unexpected Things That Can Ruin Our Sleep Cycle


Up to 30{5e7c65e441e52f4bf1acfd584b456199c30fd15874601cbb78ed6380992e3048} of people suffer from chronic insomnia, and the number of those who use sleeping pills increases with age and education. You might wonder why you still don’t get enough sleep after setting up a bedtime ritual. The problem might lie in the smallest things that you haven’t even thought about.

1. Rings and other jewelry

8 Unexpected Things That Can Ruin Our Sleep Cycle

Rings when worn at night because can disrupt blood flow to the fingers, which can result in finger deformities. Also these items can accumulate bacteria so it stays on the skin. As a result, such jewelry could even cause a reaction that may lead to blisters. This uncomfortable feeling can disturb your sleep.

2. Sleep tracking devices

8 Unexpected Things That Can Ruin Our Sleep Cycle

Several studies show that some patients are complaining about sleep data collected by apps and devices. The researchers warned that sleep-tracking tech could provide inaccurate data and worsen insomnia by making people obsessed with achieving perfect slumber, a condition they called orthosomnia.

3. Alarm clock

8 Unexpected Things That Can Ruin Our Sleep Cycle

Clock-watching during night can become a habit that chronically interferes with sleep. One of the studies showed that people who became overly attached to checking the clock constantly started waking up every night at the same time to monitor time. On the flip side, it’s also possible for clock-watching to emerge as a side effect to a larger, preexisting sleep issue.

It is also better to use natural light instead of an alarm clock while waking up in the morning. Sound-based alarm clocks shock us and we can experience sleep inertia — feeling groggy, strange and not at our best.

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