A man finds a strange-looking snake, and when the guard arrives he says: “You shouldn’t be looking at this”


When Peter first met this snake he knew he had found something special. But his curiosity soon got the better of him. Because when Peter got too close to the snake he was bitten by it. But that didn’t seem to be the main concern of the ranger who have found him.

The only thing that seemed important to him was that Peter had never seen this snake in the first place…

Peter was in complete panic. He had no idea where the ranger was taking him, and his hand was still bleeding profusely. He had no idea whether this snake was poisonous or not. All he knew was that he needed to go to the hospital, but he was pretty sure the ranger wasn’t going there…

Peter was startled and silent.

Peter shouted for help, but when the rangers finally reached him, Peter quickly stopped screaming again…

But what was the explanation for the strange-looking snake? and where did the ranger take him?

This was no ordinary snake. Peter wasn’t even sure it was a normal animal. It appeared out of nowhere and terrified him. He was alone about a mile away from civilization, and no one knew where he was. If he had been bitten by a snake, it would have been the end of it…

There should be no snakes here

And although Peter was well aware of this, he did not pay attention to whether there were snakes around. He was traveling through the woods, but it was not a common snake area. It was too cold for them here. But again, this is obviously not another typical snake…

Luckily, Peter was paying close attention, but it was almost impossible to miss this snake. Almost everything around was green and brown, which would normally have been perfect camouflage for a snake. But the animal was actually strangely brightly colored…

take pictures

However, Peter mainly associated it with frogs and smaller amphibians. Whatever this snake was, it was strange and Peter knew he didn’t want to get close to the animal. However, he photographed it and pinned it to the map where he found it. Perhaps someone knew more about this animal.

The snake itself seemed uninterested in moving. It crawled out of the cover and settled right in the path Peter was going to take. Not wanting to risk anything, Peter decided to turn around and go back to the hotel. But he wasn’t done with this animal…

walking back to the hotel

On the way back to his hotel, Peter decided to post about snakes on his social media. He didn’t expect anyone to know anything about it, but he just thought it was a bit of fun. He knew his ex-girlfriend loved animals, so he might be able to get her attention again by posting pictures.

He also shared the name of the forest he encountered. However, this is exactly what made the post stand out to people other than his followers. And these people were not satisfied with what they saw.

Peter doesn’t realize…

At the time, a lot was going on behind the scenes after Peter posted about a snake he knew nothing about, and the post was taken down

Peter only noticed this when he arrived at the hotel. He knew he posted the post because he still had some messages about his post in his inbox. Did he violate some terms of service of which he was unaware?

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