Boy Born Without A Brain, 6 Years Later Look At What Doctors Find Inside


The nurse turned to the doctor. She held a copy of the scan in her hands. Everyone couldn’t wait to see the result. But the nurse still hadn’t handed it to them. She was standing in shock of what she saw and she didn’t have the words to express what she was looking at. Everyone was concerned and wanted to find out.

They called out to her which made her snap out of it. But when the doctor finally got a glimpse of the scans, he finally understood the shock and confusion that the nurse had. The room went silent and no one could get a word in since they were waiting for an explanation that would come from the doctor himself.

Happy Family

Rob Wall and his wife, Shelley Wall, lived a very happy life together as a married couple. They lived in Cumbria, North West England, and couldn’t be happier. They raised their two daughters together and felt that they lived an idyllic life. What more could they ask for if they already have a happy family and have raised beautiful children right?

They felt that they raised their kids right and had a lot of love in their house. With so much love, they knew that there was one thing they could do to make them feel better. They thirsted for a new challenge, something more. They wanted to do it all over again, but this time, maybe a little bit different.

A Third Child

They decided that they needed to have another child. After the decision was made Shelley became pregnant and they were ecstatic. With two daughters already, the couple hoped that they would have a boy. Rob would be happy bonding over football with a son where his daughters weren’t interested. But everything changed when they got to the doctor’s office.

Rob new that if he had a son, they would share more things in common and he would love the company as well. His daughters loved him and he loved them, but there were things that women do that doesn’t spark his interest. With a son, not only can they share every moment, they will connect and bond at a whole different level.

Results Of The Scan

They visited the hospital for regular checkups during their pregnancy. Both the mother and the baby’s health had to be watched closely. Shelley and Rob already knew all of this, this was going to be their third child after all. But something would present itself that they had never encountered before.

With every ultrasound done during a pregnancy, the results can go either way. It can show a healthy heartbeat, a healthy baby, you can even know the gender after a few weeks. What Rob and Shelley encountered on the other hand was far likely from good results. The shocking images knocked them off their feet and they were stunned by the incident.

Bad News

Their next visit to the doctor didn’t go well at all. It seemed that the boy growing inside of Shelley had an abnormality in his head. He only had 2% of his brain, which would lead to a series of complications and challenges to face moving forward. With the news, the couple had to make a tough decision with the next steps of the pregnancy.

They already knew that once the child is born, there will be a lot of challenges to face not only for them, but for their child. With that in mind, the doctor had a few suggestions for the couple, and they had to decide whether or not to push through with the pregnancy. Since Rob and Shelly had been waiting for this, it wasn’t an easy decision to make.


Shelley and Rob were devastated. They knew that the quality of their child’s life would be much worse than they anticipated. The doctor explained what kind of life the boy would expect to live. Noah’s birth defect was that he grew no brain matter and had spina bifida. This meant that his spinal cord didn’t form properly.

But then the doctor suddenly proposed something radical. It may not be the most ethical choice, but it was an option to put the couple and parents at ease. This proposal was heart-wrenching because it involved the decision to end a life, no one wants to be put in this position because the emotional turmoil and consequences it has coupled with it.


The doctor felt that the right option to take next would be to get an abortion. This would be a very hard decision for Shelley or any mother to make.They explained that Noah would require around-the-clock care and his life expectancy wouldn’t be very long. What kind of life did they want for their child?

It’s as if they are already taking a step forward for Noah since he wouldn’t be living the life he deserves. He would not only be challenged metally and emotionally, but his physical ailments will become unbrearable. No one wants to see their child in pain, and neither would they want to see them struggling to survive.

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