Bride’s Rich Parents Discovers the Groom’s Dad Is a Janitor and Tries to Stop the Wedding


The bride belongs to a very wealthy family and when they got word that the groom’s father was just a simple janitor, they were clearly not pleased about it. They did not want the father of the groom anywhere near their family.

They tried their best to keep the groom’s father from coming to the big day. But when the janitor showed up at the wedding, he came with a gift that puts the bride’s family to shame.

Meet the lovers

When Amilia and Brandon first met, it did not take long for them to fall in love. The two were inseparable and they became comfortable with each other. They were just dating for a few months but they already knew each other’s deepest fears and biggest secrets.

A year and a half into their relationship, Brandon proposed and Amilia said yes without a second thought. Brandon’s family was overjoyed for the happy couple. But things were not exactly the same for Amilia’s family.

Family backgrounds

Brandon was hard-working and well-mannered. Amilia’s parents could see that he really takes good care of Amilia. Their problem was Brandon’s family situation and background. They feel that this could cause an issue not only in the wedding but also in the marriage.

When Amilia’s great-great grandfather arrived in America, he started his own business, became successful, and the family continued running the business until it evolved into a huge company. This made Amilia’s family rich.

Different worlds

Amilia’s family belongs to the elite and usually, the elite only marries the elite. They do this to ensure that there will be no freeloaders in the family. Everyone wanted their kids to marry a well-off person who could maintain or better yet, increase the family wealth.

Brandon did not come from a wealthy family. His mother was unable to work for years because of a health condition. His father works as a minimum-wage janitor. It was a far cry from Amilia’s world and this made them think that Brandon is not a suitable fit for Amilia.

A determined bride

Although Brandon was a hard worker, he has yet to forge a successful career. Once he accomplishes that, Amilia’s parents could probably change their minds about him. Amilia had a feeling that her parents would react this way.

But she was determined to marry Brandon. She was truly in love and did not care about his social standing. The most important thing to her was the fact that Brandon loved her more than anything in the world.

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