Chumlee Leaves Behind A Fortune That Makes His Family Cry


Corey Harrison (Born In 1983) – $4 Million

Corey Harrison, known to many as “Big Hoss” from the hit reality TV show “Pawn Stars,” has parlayed his charm and business savvy into a thriving career and an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Starting as a kid working in the pawnshop alongside his family, Corey has come a long way. He’s not just a familiar face on television; he’s a shrewd negotiator and a knowledgeable appraiser. His career on “Pawn Stars” catapulted him into the limelight, where viewers loved his wit and charisma. Corey’s earnings reflect both his on-screen success and his role in managing the famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Rick Harrison ( Born in 1965) – $9 Million

Rick Harrison, the charismatic face of the reality TV show “Pawn Stars,” has turned pawnshops into pop culture gold mines. With a flair for haggling and a knack for spotting hidden treasures, he’s become a household name. His career at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, where the show is based, has seen him wheeling and dealing for over two decades.

But it’s not just the pawn business that’s enriched him; the show’s success has significantly increased his fortune. Estimated at around $9 million, his net worth reflects both his savvy business sense and his magnetic on-screen presence.

Mike Wolfe (Born in 1964) – $7 Million

Mike Wolfe, the charming picker and star of “American Pickers,” has built a career that’s as fascinating as the antiques he uncovers. Mike has turned the world of junk into a goldmine with his signature smile and knack for unearthing hidden treasures. His annual earnings have been impressive, adding up to a net worth estimated at a cool $7 million.

Mike’s journey from picking through barns and basements to becoming a household name is a testament to his passion for preservation. His adventures with co-host Frank Fritz have made “American Pickers” a beloved show, showcasing the thrill of the hunt and the joy of discovering history in unlikely places.

Brandi Passante (Born in 1980) – $2 Million

Brandi Passante, the charming star of the reality TV show “Storage Wars,” has parlayed her knack for treasure hunting into a successful career and a healthy bank account. With an estimated net worth of $2 million, Brandi has become a household name in the world of storage auctions.

Her journey to fame began when she and her partner, Jarrod Schulz, started bidding on abandoned storage units. Their adventures, filled with suspense and unexpected finds, quickly captured the viewers’ hearts. As her TV career blossomed, so did her earnings. Today, Brandi is not only a storage auction aficionado but also a millionaire.

Valerie Bertinelli (Born In 1960) – $25 Million

Valerie Bertinelli started her career in her teenage years in the ’70s. Seeing her on the screen for almost 40 years is a great credit, not forgetting the many awards she has earned over the years. Apart from being a proficient actress, she has hosted several cooking shows.

Bertinelli has a fortune of over $25 million, which has accumulated over the 40 years she has been working. She signed a lucrative deal with the Food Network in 2021, so her earnings are likely to skyrocket. That same year, TMZ reported that she filed for legal separation from Tom Vitale, her husband of over a decade.

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