Conspiracy Theories Resurface After Buzz Aldrin Interview on Famous Apollo 11 Picture


When man first landed on the moon, it was definitely a major historic event that was celebrated by the whole world. Almost everyone’s eyes were glued to the TV and watched Neil Armstrong take that giant leap for mankind.

The Apollo 11 mission received a lot of press. It was one of the most talked-about events to this date. However, Buzz Aldrin, one of the astronauts from the mission said something about the famous moon landing image that caused a lot of conspiracy theories.

Famous moon landing images

When Apollo 11 landed on the moon, the expedition took a lot of photographs. Most of these still photographs were taken by Neil Armstrong. These photos were said to be taken through the use of a Hasselblad camera, which is one of the high-performance cameras at that time.

There were a lot of extraordinary shots that served as proof to the world that the moon landing was real. There was one of Armstrong by the American flag. There was also the famous visor photo. Of course, there is the famous photo of the first human footprints on the moon’s surface.

A confession?

However, during a 2016 interview at the London Science Museum, Aldrin slipped during the question and answer portion about the Apollo 11 mission photographs. This was when the famous astronaut said that an aspect of the mission was “so well staged.”

The press and conspiracy theorists had a field day with Aldrin’s statement. You see, there was a group of people who believed that the moon landing was fake. They believed that it was all staged to fulfill one of President John F. Kennedy’s promises when he won the elections in 1961.

A president’s promise

Back then, President Kennedy said that the USA would reach the moon before the decade ends. Some people believed that President Kennedy made this promise to irk the Soviets. Back then, there was a war between the USA and the USSR. Both countries were also leading the world on the space front so there was a desire to improve the US space program at the time.

When America announced the moon landing mission, the USSR was way ahead of them when it came to space exploration. The Soviets already had Sputnik, the first orbiting satellite in history. Yuri Gagarin of the USSR was also the first man sent to space. It was clear that the USA space program needed to catch up.

A great goal

The moon landing mission was one of America’s ambitions. It was a feat that the Soviets have not yet done and the Americans were doing everything to be the first to make it. President Kennedy’s promise helped accelerate and improve NASA’s space program.

During the 1960s, they were able to launch the Gemini missions and Buzz Aldrin was actually among the astronauts. Two years after the Gemini missions, NASA claimed to have perfected an operation that made the moon landing project possible.

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