Funniest T-Shirts We’ve Ever Spotted In The Wild


In life, there are some things you should say and some things you shouldn’t. Likewise, there are some t-shirts that are better left unworn. Some things just don’t translate well onto cotton; here are a few of them.

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Sure, we’ll take that shortcut. What’s the worst that could happen? This, Jim. You’ve grounded the boat in the middle of stagnant swamp water. And if it’s Florida, there are likely alligators somewhere around that see us as a tasty snack. Good job, man. At least we’re highly visible, I guess.

Which Class Did She Skip?

College. It has two e’s. Or perhaps she really loves getting numerous bits of paper and sticking them on a backing sheet. The stereotypical blondeness, though, does make us lean toward the first option. Perhaps her first schoolbook should be a dictionary with the two words highlighted.

The Real Mr. Clean

Sometimes, the face just fits. And that face is accompanied by the perfect getup. Of course, Mr. Clean was modeled on House Peters in 1958, and that actor played the heavy man in numerous westerns and even in Flash Gordon. It seems the legend lives on.

Dress To Impress

Okay, we’ve heard of facebooks (which is what Zuck originally named his company after), but faceshirts are … less common. Is it a compliment? Is it a wind-up? Someone looks far too pleased and the other one looks much less impressed. We’re betting there were words.

At Least He is Honest

This guy’s shirt is completely honest, even if it doesn’t help the guy or girls behind him who really won’t be able to see a second of the show. Perhaps a shirt that said “Willing to stand in the back” would be appreciated a bit more.

Message Received

Cool. She has big boobs. And she thinks they’re spectacular. Well, as the old adage goes, it’s not what you have but what you do with it that counts. Still, we can’t say she wouldn’t have our attention, and those eyes are definitely wonderfully piercing.

Stop Making Stupid People Famous

We can guarantee this man that absolutely no one was doing that, and after reading his shirt, they wished they could undo the sharp image that popped into their brain. Seriously, this guy is ruining people’s days one by one.

I Can’t Drink That Much

Matching T-shirts are one of those cute things that are often better as a concept than a reality. But this couple certainly has a great relationship — so much so that they can pull off this look. And the bright orange adds a bold touch to the humor.

She Loves the Yankees

While we get the message wide and clear that she loves the Yankees, we don’t think that anyone standing near her is actually looking at the Yankees. In fact, we have a strong feeling they are looking way below her shirt.

Did Not Follow His Own Advice

Nothing quite says “spring break” like a pool party with lots of people mingling close together. But recent times have thrown a spotlight on these, with people describing them as “superspreader events.” No matter what your opinion of COVID, you have to admit the T-shirt is particularly ironic here.

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