Girl Tells Parents She Has A Twin At School – The Next Day Dad Files For Divorce


Caroline was an imaginative and talented young lady. She enjoyed playing pretend with her plush animals and telling complex stories about her imagined companions. Caroline informed her parents one day that she had a twin sister at school. Her parents were taken aback, but they assumed it was simply another of Caroline’s fanciful fantasies. They expected her stories about her twin sister to stop, but they didn’t…

Telling stories

When Caroline began recounting stories about her twin sister regularly, John realized it wasn’t her typical imaginary companions. He needed to discover what was going on in his daughter’s life because this was something she passionately believed in. What if this was something completely different?

Going to the source

He reasoned that it was best to go straight to the source, his daughter’s school. He went to see his daughter’s teacher, but she had some surprising news for him. She revealed information about his daughter that he had never learned before. And as he was leaving the school to inform his wife, he noticed something that completely surprised him.

Filing for divorce

John couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He witnessed something on school grounds that created even more questions than he previously had. He suddenly understood he needed to file for divorce…

What Was Happening?

But was Caroline hallucinating her identical sister? What did John notice on the school grounds? And why is he seeking a divorce?


Caroline, a nine-year-old girl with a talent for storytelling, was inventive and imaginative. She enjoyed playing pretend with her stuffed animals and would frequently get lost in her world of adventures and imaginary pals. Caroline was an only child, and her parents, John and Emily, lavished her with attention and encouraged her stories.

A twin sister

Caroline came home from school one day with a twinkle in her eye and an enthusiastic tone in her voice. She revealed to John and Emily that she had a twin sister named Clara who went to the same school as her. Caroline’s mother laughed and turned to face John. He paid close attention to his daughter’s stories.

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