Groom’s Wedding Discovery Prompted Him to File for Divorce in Less than a Week


Getting married is not a decision that one should take lightly. It is not enough that you love each other – there are a lot of things that you should discuss first. Such as dealing with each other’s in-laws, your finances, your future plans, how you want to raise your kids, and your life goals.

Unfortunately for this couple, they discovered some dealbreakers about each other on their wedding night. This led them to be divorced within a week. Read on to find out what happened to make this couple’s marriage fall apart that quick.

Meet the lovebirds

Mason thought he had found the love of his life in Julia. He saw her as the perfect woman for him and it did not take long for him to propose to her. He was ready to spend the rest of his life with her. But on their wedding night, everything started to fall apart.

Mason stayed back for a few minutes after their wedding party to have one drink with his best man. Julia, who was feeling tired from the partying went ahead to their honeymoon suite. But when Mason went up to their room, something went wrong.

Locked out

Mason was locked out of their honeymoon suite. Julia was not responding to his knocks and calls. He was practically banging on the door of their hotel room and the guests in their hallway were starting to complain.

But his new bride continued to stay silent at the other side of the door. Could Julia be sleeping already? He can’t believe she would sleep on him on their first night as a married couple. Or could there be something else going on in the room?

Runaway bride

The hotel staff looked for a spare key to allow Mason into their room. And when he finally got in the room, he quickly stormed in wanting to see what was going on. He was shocked at what he saw. The room was empty! Julia was nowhere to be found.

Then, Mason saw the note lying on the bed. He snatched it up and read it. The letter was from Julia and Mason could not believe the message she left him. He can’t believe Julia could do this to him on their first night as a married couple!

Fairytale romance gone wrong

But what was in the letter? Why did Julia disappear on their wedding night? Nobody would have predicted that things would go wrong between the two. Mason and Julia always were a happy couple – the kind that garnered envy not only from those who were single but also from other couples.

They looked perfect together and their story sounds like it came from a romantic movie. But nobody saw it coming that their fairytale romance would turn into a tragedy – not even Mason. Where had things started to turn sour?

Instant attraction

Mason and Julia first met at a bar. Mason was a regular in the bar and he instantly was interested in Julia because not only was she pretty but it was the first time he’s seen her around. Indeed, that night was Julia’s first time in the bar.

Mason could not believe how pretty she was and no matter what he did, he was drawn to her as if there was this magnetic pull that is forcing his eyes on her. Mason summoned all the confidence he could muster to approach and start a conversation with her.

Exchanging numbers

Thankfully, Julia welcomed his approach, and based on their conversation, they were hitting it off right away. Mason was relieved – he never expected to have a chance with a woman that looked as pretty as her but it looked like Julia was into him as well.

After realizing how much fun they were having, they ended up exchanging numbers after spending the rest of the evening together. From that moment on, they were in constant contact with each other and started going out. The two were inseparable.

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