He Worked as a Clerk and Other Facts You Didn’t Know About Einstein


Imagine being so smart that your brain is kept in a museum for decades after you’re gone! Yeah, it doesn’t happen to all the super-smart people out there, but we’re talking about Albert Einstein here: one of the greatest minds of all time.

He Worked as a Clerk and Other Facts You Didn’t Know About Einstein

Let’s start from the very beginning. See that town right there between Stuttgart and Munich? It’s a city called Ulm, Einstein’s hometown. He was born in the year 1879. That was the same year when Thomas Edison tried his first practical electric light bulb.

And the year when 3 other Nobel Prize winners were born. You know what they say… there must have been something in that water that year that created geniuses worldwide. But that wasn’t always the case for Einstein. I mean, he wasn’t always considered a genius.

Actually, his parents worried about his learning abilities when he was young. Until the age of 5, Einstein couldn’t construct full sentences. It took him a while before he started speaking coherently. However, he was always a child fascinated with the world and the details of how things worked. It was also at the age of 5 that something big happened to him.

He Worked as a Clerk and Other Facts You Didn’t Know About Einstein

One day, his father gave him a compass to play with. It was the first time the kid ever saw an object like that. And he got extremely interested in it! He was especially struck at how the needle would always point to the Earth’s magnetic North. Later, in his autobiography, Einstein writes that his fascination with the compass made him wonder if there might be invisible forces at play in the world. He recalls it being an especially important moment in his choice of career later in the future.

By the age of 15, Einstein had already mastered differential and integral calculus. In case you are like me and have no idea what that means, let’s just say it has something to do with the calculation of lengths, areas, volumes, and speeds. At that time, the teenage boy began to show his genius in some areas of knowledge but would struggle in other areas such as language studies.

He wasn’t all that fond of school and was often depicted as having a strong and not-so-easy-going personality. One teacher, tired of Einstein’s tantrums, even said that the kid would never amount to anything. Boy, was he wrong, huh? Anyway, his inability to completely fit in in school made Einstein drop out at the age of 15.

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