Heidi Klum, 50, Showers Outdoors, and a Detail on Her Outfit Is Driving People Wild


A video of Heidi Klum dancing while she showers is setting the internet on fire, and there’s a detail in the supermodel’s overall look that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

She knows how to rock a bikini.

Klum shared a cool clip with her over 11 million Instagram followers, where she could be seen enjoying an open-air shower amidst a lush green landscape. The shower was surrounded by a natural bamboo barrier during their European summer vacation.

Donning a sleek black two-piece, she playfully moved about, raising her arms in the air and dancing. Through her facial expressions, she humorously conveyed to her followers that the water’s temperature was pleasantly invigorating. She captioned her post with ’’🥶 cold 💦🌞’’.

It’s all about the details.

What truly elevated Klum’s outfit were the dainty 14k yellow-gold chains that elegantly draped around her neck and stomach. The exquisite custom jewelry, believed to cost $15,500, was embellished with glistening diamond charms, making it all the more captivating.

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