Hilarious T-Shirt Fails That Made Us Wonder Why People Purchased Them


Clothing is a great way to express yourself and your style. Specifically, graphic t-shirts can say a lot about a person. These hilarious t-shirts will have you questioning why people purchased them in the first place, or why they were even made. Keep scrolling for a good laugh.
There are two possibilities here. One, he doesn’t know what his shirt says because he may not speak English.

Sorry Ladies, He Is Out Of Your League

There are two possibilities here. One, he doesn’t know what his shirt says because he may not speak English.

Two, he was gifted this shirt by one of the models he dated. What do you think?

Not Quite There Yet

Maybe she got 15 minutes of fame that went to her head, or she is impersonating Paris Hilton.

Also, what does the owl have to do with being almost famous?

The Perfect Shirt To Wear When Your Daughter Brings Her New Boyfriend Home

Remember D.A.R.E, the anti-drug campaign of the ’90s. Well, now it has transformed into D.A.D.D.

He is wearing this to ward off any boys that are even thinking about dating his daughter.


Perhaps this man keeps on some extra weight because it would be that much harder for someone to kidnap him.

Or maybe he is challenging the kidnappers, like “hey, see if you can take me and my weight.”

Perfect Shirt For This Situation

What was the original idea that seemed like it would work before getting their boat stuck? His shirt is just too perfect.

We are sure it seemed like a great idea at first, but it is not looking so great now.

Is She An Artist?

We are pretty sure it is supposed to say “college” not “collage”, but she doesn’t seem to care or notice the spelling mistake.

Maybe she thought this was how you spell college. She might need to go back to school.

Well This Is Awkward

What are the odds of meeting a baby pig on the day you wear an “I heart bacon” shirt? He probably wasn’t expecting this.

After meeting this baby pig, did he finally see the error in his ways and stop eating bacon? The world may never know.

That’s What We Call Self-Love

At least this man has great self-confidence, but it seems like it was the wrong night to wear this shirt.

He is probably the only person in the room that wants to do that based on everyone’s expressions.

Couples T-Shirt Goals

This man must get separated from his wife often enough for them to have to make these amazing shirts.

Don’t worry Rita we have our eyes on him, he isn’t going anywhere.

Slide To Unlock What?

The challenge is understanding the shirt. What are you unlocking?

We are not sure that this woman understands what “slide to unlock” means.

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