Lindsay Lohan Is Glowing as She Shows Off Her Baby Bump in a Sweet Maternity Photoshoot


Lindsay Lohan is a person who’s no stranger to the spotlight. Her behavior in the past might have been controversial, but now, as the scandalous actress is preparing to be a mom, fans notice a drastic change. The recent photo shoot only proves that pregnancy and parenthood can change a person from inside and outside.

The radiant redhead stunned her fans in her maternity photo shoot.

Lindsay Lohan, 37, showed off her big baby bump during a precious maternity-themed shoot.

The popular actress wore a long, cream-colored gown that perfectly highlighted her pregnancy curves.

She demonstrated her signature long auburn locks falling around her shoulders. The actress seemed to glow as she smiled radiantly for the camera.

Lindsay posted the photos to her Instagram page. They featured her posing in front of the nursery she designed for her son personally.

Lindsay experienced strong battles with an unhealthy way of life, partying, and issues with her parents. However, the star managed to turn her life around on her own after years of drama and scandals.

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