Lost Plane Found After Decades – Researchers Are Stunned When They See What’s Inside


This was definitely a big one–as far as major wreckages go. So the biggest question really was–how could this have gone unnoticed for so long. Wasn’t anyone looking for it?

Philip struggled to get up on the mountain and realized that this had to be here for decades. He had to know what this plane was hiding inside and how it even got here in the first place. When he finally did, he realized he should’ve just left it alone.

Cold hands

Philip struggled with the decision if he should enter all by himself or not. He couldn’t see a safe way inside the plane.

If he would get hurt no one would notice that he was gone. The temperatures were dropping fast and Philip couldn’t feel his hands anymore from the cold. He had to get help…

Calling his colleagues

This was too big for Philip to research on his own, so he signalled two of his colleagues with a flare gun, and they flew over by helicopter immediately.

No one had ever seen anything like this before, and together they decided to try and get inside the plane. But no one was prepared for what they were about to see.

Stepping inside the plane

Philip was the first person who stepped inside the plane. His mouth fell open instantly.

How is it possible that no one knew about this? Philip and his colleagues look at each other in disbelief. This will make them famous.

An anonymous letter

The answer would soon be revealed, but this reminded Philip of when he received an anonymous cryptic letter at home a couple of days ago.

Without notice, he was called to the research station before discovering the plane. Was this connected somehow?

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