Meet the FIRST Transgender Miss Netherlands Who’ll Now Move on to Conquer Miss Universe 2023


Rikkie Valerie Kolle made history on Sunday, July 9th, when she became the first-ever transgender winner of Miss Netherlands. The 22-year-old model now has a good chance to continue breaking barriers if she manages to get crowned Miss Universe 2023.

A significant moment for Miss Netherlands.

Rikkie Kolle, the first transgender woman to be crowned Miss Netherlands, had all eyes on her during the challenging contest. Judges responsible for the selection commented that Rikkie “has shone throughout the entire show. She has a very strong story and a clear mission. The jury is convinced that the organizers will be able to work with this young woman with a great deal of pleasure.”

The stunning Kolle will now become the second trans woman to ever enter the Miss Universe competition. Previously, the history was made by Miss Spain 2018 Ángela Ponce. Now this big responsibility is on Rikkie’s shoulders, and it looks like her home country has all the confidence in her to represent them with all her beauty and dignity.

Rikkie Kolle’s challenging way to the top.

Rikkie’s path to glory started in 2018 when she became a finalist of Holland’s Next Top Model. In her video introduction for Miss Netherlands, Rikkie was asked to describe herself with one word, and she chose the word “victory”. She explained: “As a little boy, I conquered all the things that came through my path. And look at me now, standing here, as a strong, empowering, and confident trans woman.”

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