Mom Left Baby In Sink For The Whole Day – When Doctor Discovers Why He is Amazed


Sally couldn’t wait to have a baby. So when little Tom was born, she was surprised to realize that she wasn’t feeling as happy as she had anticipated. Since Tom entered the world, she also noticed a lot of weird things happening around her. Finally, one day when she woke up Tom, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Filled with panic, Sally immediately put him in the sink, not quite sure that it would help–but she had to do something. So while she hated going to the hospital, she had no choice but to bring her baby to one.

She never imagined the doctor would react the way he did.

The doctors were confused

When the doctor first laid eyes on baby Tom, he wasn’t too worried. There was nothing visibly wrong with the baby and he silently told himself it was likely just another overly anxious new mother.

But Sally insisted there was something seriously wrong with her son, telling the doctor that she had already put him in the sink for a whole day. The physician looked up and started to get a little worried–what exactly did she mean?

Taking baby Tom away from Sally

As the doctor asked Sally more questions, he realized things were far more serious than he’d first thought. When he carefully asked Sally if she could explain her reasoning for putting baby Tom in the sink, the doctor could barely believe her answer. But why?

What was Sally’s reason for leaving her baby in the sink for such a long time? Was she losing her mind? Was tiny baby Tom in danger?

Was it already too late?

Taking baby Tom into his arms, the doctor examined the infant more carefully, quickly finding that there was something very wrong indeed. With Sally still anxiously waiting for answers, he wasn’t sure if he should tell her the truth or not. Would it upset Sally even more?

Tom was born on Friday the 13th.

Baby Tom was any first-time mother’s dream. He was an adorable, chubby little bundle of joy filled with bubbles of laughter and big, curious eyes taking in the world around him. One other special little thing about Baby Tom was that he was born on Friday the 13th.

Unfortunately for this ray of sunshine, he was born to a deeply superstitious woman named Sally. And even worse, the events surrounding his birth were filled with deep mystic omens.

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