The Craziest and Funniest Pictures From Disney Parks


One Grumpy Woman

The point of going to an amusement park like Disneyland is to have a great time and take a break from the stresses of day-to-day life. Well, for most of us, anyway. When this woman rode Splash Mountain, her facial expression made it clear that she felt less than thrilled with her day at Disneyland.

As you might imagine, after the photo hit the internet, Jordan Alexander, the grumpy woman, became an internet meme dubbed “Angry Splash Mountain Lady.” Apparently, she had enjoyed her day right up until her fateful Splash Mountain ride. Her husband ditched out on the ride at the last minute, so Alexander took the photo as an opportunity to show him exactly how she felt. It certainly worked!

Reuniting With His Own Kind

Decades after his debut, Donald Duck remains one of the most beloved characters at Disney parks worldwide. It’s almost impossible not to laugh at the cartoon duck’s angry antics! So, you can imagine how excited Donald Duck fans felt when this adorable photo hit the internet a few years ago.

Somehow, a Disney photographer managed to snap a pic of Donald Duck excitedly following three ducklings and their mother. Just look how happy Donald seems to be now that he’s finally reunited with his own kind. Or maybe he’s just shooing them away? Either way, it makes for one of the most unique Disney photos ever!

An Elaborate Proposal

Without a doubt, this has to be one of the most memorable pictures ever snapped on the Splash Mountain ride. According to the original poster, Lindsay sat in the front of the ride, utterly oblivious to what would soon happen. Meanwhile, as you might have guessed, the man holding the picture of the ring, Chris, is her boyfriend. It all worked out for the best: Lindsay said yes!

As Splash Mountain was one of the last rides of the day, Chris and his friends had to keep the signs hidden in their backpacks all day! It was worth it, though. Now, they have the ultimate souvenir from an amazing day at Disney World.

A Sad and Lonely Guy

This is one sad, lonely, and disappointed guy. Doesn’t he know he’s in the happiest place on Earth? Well, maybe he just has too much going on in his life. From breakups to bad purchases, plenty of horrible things can still happen to someone while they’re visiting a Disney park.

However, taking a closer look at this Splash Mountain picture, it seems that this man might just be catching a few zzz’s after a long day at the park. But he better wake up soon, or the water will do it for him! Thankfully, he’s wearing a poncho so that he won’t get too wet…


We have a feeling that it’s the child in the pink jacket’s first roller coaster ever. So many children go through the exact same experience: they grow up desperately wanting to go on roller coasters they are not tall enough for yet. Then, when they finally become the right height, they go on the biggest ride they can find. However, as this young boy discovered, it never goes as you imagine.

Remember in old cartoons when a character would suddenly realize they were in mid-air and then plummet back down to Earth? Well, this kid certainly captured that look in real-life!

Give The Princess What She Wants

Most fathers are happy to do whatever they can to see their daughters happy. However, some truly go the extra mile every now and again, doing things they would never have if it weren’t for their little princess. Dad’s just can’t say no to their little girls – and they usually don’t want to!

Take this fantastic father, for example, who decided to accompany his daughter to Disneyland in a revealing mermaid outfit! He even remembered his golden crown, so that everyone remembers who’s in charge. Unfortunately, this father is about to receive some sad news when he arrives at the front gates: Disney does not allow adults in costume inside. Hopefully, they made an exception for this incredible dad!

“Flash” Mountain

Splash Mountain has certainly become roller coaster lovers and comedians’ top destination to take hilarious and crazy theme park photos. However, we think these ladies might have the funniest Splash Mountain photos beat. After all, what’s more memorable than deciding to go Spring Break crazy and give all the youngsters the view of a lifetime?

Of course, while these ladies may have snapped their photos back in the early 2000s, it only recently went viral thanks to the rise of social media. Believe it or not, these ladies are far from the first to take such an adult Disney Park photo. No wonder the ride earned the nickname “Flash Mountain” back in the ’90s!

Appropriate Attire for Disney Parks

When heading to Disney Parks like Disneyland or Disney World, or any theme park really, it’s essential to always take a second to think about what you’re going to wear for the day. After all, as these young ladies discovered, more often than not, wearing something stylish for a long day at Disneyland will not work out. It’s much better to wear something comfortable, supportive, and…less revealing. Otherwise, you might end up as someone’s well-timed theme park picture!

However, incredibly, the ladies’ low-cut tops are not even the craziest part of this image. Who let that woman chew gum while going rides like Disney’s Incredicoaster or Rockin’ Roller Coaster, which include loops. That just seems plain unsafe!

The Ol’ “Splash and Grab”

For many, Disney Parks are some of the most romantic places in the world. Between the beautiful scenery, fantastic restaurants, and time spent with your significant other, there’s a lot to get the blood flowing. Just take this young man, who seemed to feel a rush of romance while on the drop of Splash Mountain…which is a bit strange, admittedly.

Or maybe he was simply making sure that his lady felt comfortable? He could have been merely providing support, so she didn’t hurt herself, a grade-A move. This all presumes that he knew the young woman, which we sincerely hope!

Stripper Mountain

There must be something in the water on Splash Mountain. After all, it seems to drive people to act very differently than they would anywhere else in a Disney park! Maybe it’s the thrill of the drop or the fact that they know everyone will see the photo in a few minutes. Whatever the reason, people love to take things to the next level for their Splash Mountain photos!

While plenty have taken off their shirt on Splash Mountain, this whole group decided to strip for the camera. Unfortunately, it seems that the woman in the front got sat alone with a rowdy group instead of her family. Or maybe she just really doesn’t like getting wet!

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