The Deadliest Animal in Each State in America


The Centers for Disease Control compiled some data on the animal that’s most likely to cause fatalities in each state in America. But don’t let this list stop you from traveling to wherever you had on your vacation bucket list, as the chance of you dying at the hands of any of these animals is still pretty low – just make sure you always abide by state laws surrounding wildlife and treat animals with respect! Now take a look through some of the deadliest state animals…some of them may surprise you!

Alabama – Dogs

Unfortunately it’s man’s best friend that’s the most likely animal to put your life at risk in the state of Alabama! Dog attacks are the number one cause of animal-related deaths there, according to the CDC. While it’s probably safe to say that most dogs are friendly, a poorly trained dog with aggression issues can cause a tragic event. The moral of the story? Train your dog well and make sure to pay attention to any aggressive behaviors that he or she has!

Alaska – Moose

In case you weren’t aware, moose are massive! Just looking at one is probably enough to make most people cower in their boots. These giant creatures regularly get hit by cars on the highway, and while most of these collisions only cause minor damage, occasionally the crash will end in a fatality or major injury. Between 2000 and 2010, there were 17 moose-related fatal crashes, and 81 crashes that caused major injuries in Alaska.

Arizona – Dogs

That’s right, it’s dogs and not poisonous snakes that are the deadliest animal in the state of Arizona. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), dog attacks accounted for 26 deaths in Arizona between the years of 1999 and 2016.

Arkansas – Black Bears

The black bear is the most likely to cause an animal-related death in the state of Arkansas. While these guys like to stay out of the way of humans for the most part, they do occasionally cause injuries. One attack happened when a hunter reportedly crawled into a cave without knowing he had just entered the home of a black bear. The bear bit him on the head and the hunter survived, but he admitted that it was completely his fault and not the bear’s.

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