The Most Daring Red Carpet Looks in Golden Globes History


The Golden Globe Awards ceremony is one of the most celebrated nights in Hollywood. Year after year, famous celebrities meet with famous designers to find that perfect dress to strut their stuff. Sometimes the outfits are on the demure side, but more often than not these actresses make a statement with their dresses. The wildest of them are not to be believed. We’re talking plunging necklines, a lot of leg, plenty of cleavage … you name it! Feast your eyes on the 20 most daring Golden Globes looks of all time.

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January Jones in Versace (2011 Golden Globes)

January Jones wore a Versace Spring 2011 gown with red fringes and a deep V cutout neckline that draped down to her waist. The Mad Men actress was critiqued by the Red Carpet Fashion Awards for her daring look. She is a “tad too busty for the dress,” the website wrote.

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino (2004 Golden Globes)

Jennifer Aniston exited Friends with a “wow” when she wore a low-cut vintage Valentino design to the 2004 Golden Globes. The risqué belt across her neckline seemed to hold the girls together. Thank goodness it didn’t become undone!

Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa (2009 Golden Globes)

Jennifer Lopez always aims for shock value. Already a mother of two at this time, she wore a gilded golden gown with barely-there back, part of the Marchesa Spring Summer 2009 collection. Complete with daring cleavage, a nude back, and a plunging neckline, it rivaled other J-Lo dresses that barely covered the girls.

Salma Hayek in Gucci (2020 Golden Globes)

Before hitting the red carpet, Salma Hayek gave fans an advanced look on Instagram at her gown for the evening. Hayek – who burst onto the Hollywood scene with Desperado, and you can see her in the 2020 Marvel film, The Eternals – wore a Gucci dress that consisted of a cream-colored skirt and an eye-popping low-cut blue top. At 53 years old, Hayek can clearly still turn as many heads as she wants in Hollywood.

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