The Most Luxurious Houses of the Stars


Courteney Cox – $33 Million, Malibu, California

Net Worth: $150 Million


Courteney Cox had bought this wonderful Malibu beach house with her ex-husband David Arquette in 2007 for the insane amount of $33.5 million. Even though they have had a child and gotten a divorce since and Courteney has been known to having many real estate adventures in the distant past, she decided that this house had already everything she could ever wish for. Courteney just makes sure to redecorate it every now and then. And staying true to her word, she is still living in it to this day. It looks like the Friends actress has moved way past the show’s famous purple apartment.

Brad Pitt – $67 Million, France

Net Worth: $300 Million

Brad Pitt is arguably one of the most famous American actors of the past two and a half decades. He rose to fame in the mid-‘90s with roles on Legends of the Fall, Interview with the Vampire, Se7en, and Twelve Monkeys. However, Pitt is perhaps most famous for his iconic role on Fight Club. His other notable performances are too many to mention, while audiences are waiting to see him in the upcoming Tarantino film – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. This property in France is named the Miraval Château and is located in Correns. It was bought in 2008 for $67M by Brad and his now ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie – $24.5 Million, Los Feliz

Net Worth: $120 Million

Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular celebrities in the past two decades. She is the daughter of actor Jon Voight and Angelina’s debut was alongside her famous father on Lookin’ to Get Out. However, she built her own career a decade or so later with breakthrough roles on Hackers, Gia, and most notably on Girl, Interrupted where she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar Award for the latter. Angelina later embodied various live-action versions of iconic characters, like Lara Croft and Maleficent. She bought this Los Feliz mansion in 2017 for $24.5M. It was built in 1913 and at some point owned by Cecil B. DeMille, the famous filmmaker.

Jennifer Lawrence – $8 Million, Beverly Hills

Net Worth: $160 Million

Jennifer Lawrence rose to success and then the time came for her to get her own pad, Since she had more than a hundred million at the time, she could afford a house – or two! Well, with that kind of bank figure, you won’t be looking at a regular apartment, or a regular home, for that matter! J. Law went ahead and purchased a five-bedroom 5,500-square-foot Beverly Hills palace! Boy, we wish we had that kind of dough to play with! With films of hers having grossed over $5.7 billion globally, we expect the best when we sit down to watch her in Dark Phoenix in 2019!

Jennifer Lopez – $10 Million, Hamptons

Net Worth: $400 Million

Jennifer Lopez, who popularly goes by the moniker JLO, boasts of being the first Latin artist to earn a $1-million salary for her lead role in the musical drama, Selena. That role earned her a Golden Globe nomination. In 2012, JLO’s hard work landed her on the Forbes list of powerful celebrities and she was ranked as the 38th Most Influential Female Celebrity worldwide. With her enviable fortune, she purchased a 3-acre abode at the Hamptons worth $10 million. The 8,600 square feet Gambrel-style home has all the amenities that her family needs, including eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a theater, a sparkling swimming pool, and a sauna.

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