These Most-Paused-Moments Will Change The Way You See Certain Films


The more times you watch a movie, the more likely you are to notice something that escaped your attention previously. That’s why viewers sometimes have to hit the pause button to get a closer look at something eye-catching.

Whether it’s an Easter egg in a Marvel or Disney film, or just a beloved moment like the finale of Grease, there’s plenty of reasons to hit pause. See what you may have missed in films like The Matrix, Fight Club, and Tron.

The Wayne Enterprises Logo In Man Of Steel

If there’s one thing that any superhero film fan will tell you, it’s to always pay attention to the tiniest of details. You never know what small hint may foreshadow a sequel or elude to one of the many complex dynamics in the superhero universe.

One such detail appeared in Man of Steel, but you’d have to pause the film to catch it. During an outer space fight scene, we catch a glimpse of the Wayne Enterprises logo on a satellite. It foreshadows the building tension between Superman and Batman.

Sebastian’s Cameo In Aladdin

It isn’t unusual for Disney to plant subtle jokes in their films, and such was the case with the original Aladdin. One of the prominent scenes in the movie that really gets the plot going is when Aladdin asks Genie to turn him into a prince.

Genie proceeds to flip through a book of prince recipes, and his finger gets caught on the claw of a crab that he pulls out of the pages. The crab is none other than Sebastian from The Little Mermaid! You may have to pause to catch it, though.

The Mall Name Change In Back To The Future

Back to the Future is one of those nostalgic films, especially for people who grew up in the ’80s. Those who have watched it many times still may have missed one clever detail, though.

If you pause at the two scenes when Marty crouches by the mall sign, you’ll notice the name changes from Twin Pines Mall to Lone Pine Mall. That’s because Marty crashed into one of the trees, causing the name to change in the future.

Dirty Dancing’s “Lift” Finale

Dirty Dancing is a classic, and who could forget that timeless finale? The entire film is building up to the ending dance scene, which is suitably choreographed to the song “Time of My Life.” If there’s only one thing you remember about the movie, it’s likely the lift at the end.

The lead characters struggled to get it down, and by the end, it lives up to all its climactic glory. Though the scene gets paused as viewers try to replicate it, we have to warn not to try this at home, folks.

The Spider-Man Kiss Scene

The Spider-Man franchise kicked off their live-action films so strong that some would argue the more recent versions just don’t compare. One of the signature scenes in the iconic movie is the kiss scene between Spider-Man and Mary-Jane.

Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst had such charm and chemistry that kissing in the rain didn’t even seem like a cliché when they did it. The scene marks a major turning point in the superhero movie, so of course, it had to be paused and rewatched.

The Old Enemy In Finding Dory

Finding Nemo was such a hit that fans patiently awaited the sequel, which came out over a decade later. This one was called Finding Dory, and it followed the same premise only with a different character being lost in the big ocean.

At one point, Dory is swimming in an aquarium, and there’s a photo of a familiar face in the background. If viewers caught it, they’d have to pause the film to confirm that the image featured none other than Darla, a young villain from Finding Nemo.

Olivia Newton-John ‘s Transformation In Grease

Grease has withstood the test of time, and one of the most appealing parts of the film is Olivia Newton-John’s dramatic transformation. The character is the stereotypical good girl for most of the film, but she completely adjusts her look for the finale.

Many have replicated the look for Halloween, dotting the off-the-shoulder black top and black, leather pants with voluminous curls and bright makeup. Viewers would have to pause the movie to fully take in every little detail of the transformation.

The Chalkboard In Thor: The Dark World

Anytime you see a chalkboard covered in writing, it’s a good time to pause the film to see if it’s all jibberish. In the case of Thor: The Dark World, it was not jibberish at all, but real scientific writing.

The scene was when Dr. Selvig fills a chalkboard while at a mental health facility. The character’s notes are actual astronomical and mathematical theories. It also includes a little hint into Avengers: Infinity War by mentioning the place Nidavellir.

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