They Put “Rabbit Boy” Through All Manner Of Bullying, But A Decade Later They Would All Be Stunned


A regular checkup with the dentist is essential for our oral health, that is no mystery. And yet so many people do their best to hold off this anxiety-causing event for as long as possible. Then there are others who forget (or are too lazy) to brush their teeth twice a day, and floss. What is known as ‘dentophobia,’ which is the fear of going to the dentist’s office, strikes terror into more people’s hearts than you might have previously thought. But for some members of society, this fear is all too real, as with the young man that we will be discussing today.

In Bad Taste

Those children and teenagers lucky enough to have their teeth fitted with braces might hate the experience, but the tooth-straightening treatment that they provide is essential. Despite how painful and uncomfortable having braces may be, most people are overjoyed when they see the results: a perfectly symmetrical grin. This was a feeling that this young man was desperate for. Not all of us are lucky enough to have slightly crooked teeth that can be simply fixed…

His Name Is Evan

Evan Hill was one youth who prayed for normal teeth, before even enjoying a confident smile. The young New Zealander boy was discovered about 7 years ago, with everyone who laid eyes on him struggling to hide their shock. Looking at the picture above, you might be tempted to laugh, due to the almost cartoonish flaw in an otherwise sweet and handsome face. But Evan would not be trapped by this bizarre dental condition forever…

No Special Effects

This was a boy who lived an otherwise normal childhood in the sunny streets of New Zealand’s suburbs. He was aged 12, adored hanging out with his pals and attending class. But no matter how hard he tried, there was one large detail that Evan could not hide, one which separated him from everyone else. You may be wondering whether these photos have been edited with Photoshop, but we assure you that these enormous incisors in Evan’s mouth are completely real.

Sizeable Incisors

It was at the age of 10 that Evan began truly appreciating the gravity of his situation. It was then that many of his friends were getting braces. But this experience would pan out quite differently for Evan, due to the extreme way that his teeth had grown out. While buck teeth generally give kids an adorably amusing appearance, the ones sticking out of Evan’s jaw were torturously oversized. Nothing was endearing about this case…

Toothy Torture

Most people’s teeth rest at a 2° angle, but Evan’s were radically off the average mark, peaking out of his mouth at a 12° angle! Even more alarmingly, his upper teeth suffered a gap between his lower ones that measured 2cms. While he may have looked rather strange to himself and those around him, there were bigger oral problems that Evan suffered than just his appearance. This was an extreme dental deformation that would cause major problems for anyone’s mouth in general.

The First Issue – Speech Impediment

Evan’s gigantic top incisors and the attached overbite were extreme to the point that Evan could never keep his mouth shut. This constant gape resulted in an added difficulty in Evan’s ability to do many things with his mouth, his ability to speak being one of the worst challenges. He then struggled with a speech impediment, and there were many words that he could not pronounce properly. This then made communicating with people a laborious task, and Evan was always scared to speak in class.

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