Twins Are Born Healthy – 10 Minutes Later, The Doctor Admits A Big Mistake


When Margaret finds out that she is pregnant with twins, she is absolutely overjoyed. And she is even happier when they are born in seemingly good health. But when Margarets doctor walks into the room after the delivery with less than good news, she feels all the joy melt away. This can’t be true… “Margaret, I’m so sorry. But I made a BIG mistake…”

Pregnancies are not always something that you would expect and if something went wrong during the delivery you may wonder what else could have been done better. The worst part about it is if that the doctors have done something beyond your control and you have no clue how to revert or salvage it.

The twins are finally born

After all the stress, all the pain and all the worries, Margaret’s twin boys are finally born. To every viber in her body feels the ultimate relief. She can barely believe that it has all worked out in the end. But then her doctor steps into the room. All Margaret wanted was to go out of the hospital and enjoy her life with her children, but that wasn’t the case.

One of the biggest challenges you can face as a medical professional is make a mistake. Mistakes are not part of the job and something can happen that will change your life forever and that was only due to a small incident. What you are trained to do in med school is ensure that you have done your best to save a life, not make it worst.

« I’m so sorry… »

Can the words « sorry » really change anything? Can it salvage something that has made everything turn out for the worst? Sometimes people will assume that you make everything better with these words, but the problem is these words can even make everything even worst than it already is.

His whole face has gone red and he can barely look Margaret or her husband timothy in the eye. They have never seen him like this before. What is going on? Who would have thought that a doctor could do such a thing and try to cover their tracks after it. When he finally starts to talk, all he can do is stutter. “I-I’m so sorry…”.

A big mistake

Margaret’s eyes go wide and fill up with tears when her doctor speaks those dreadful words. “I have made a big mistake…” But what mistake had the doctor made? Did it have something to do with the twins? Or was Margaret the one in trouble? If you are told about mistakes happening in the hospital it seems like it would be impossible to see it in a different light right?

Then again, the only thing left to do for the couple is accept what happened and mvoe forward, but would that be something that can be done in a blink of an eye? Do you think that being told that they have done something that can alter your life forever, that a single « sorry » could change it all, that’s practically impossible.

A Dream Come True

After three years of trying to get pregnant, Margaret and her husband, Timothy, were prepared to hear the doctor say ‘I’m sorry’ one more time. They had already started to think that they were not having any children of their own. So when they found out she was pregnant, it was like a dream come true for both of them.

The only thing you can do is try to hope for the best but you would still have to expect the worst. Remember when you are in tight situations thinking about it even more isn’t going to do you any favors and that your mental health or choices are still dependent on what you presume them to be.

Searching for a Explanation

Both Timothy and Margaret had undergone all kinds of tests to see if science could tell them what was wrong. After so many attempts, the only plausible explanation suggested that there was something wrong with them. Luckily this was not the case. The doctor was waiting for them to deliver some good news on the next check-up.

The doctor greeted the couple and said: ‘Margaret you’re not having a child, you’re having twins.’ She and Timothy just couldn’t believe it. They had never given up hope, of course, but they were prepared to receive the same old bad news. ‘Tim, tell me this is not a dream,’ said Margaret, squeezing her husband’s hand. It just seemed too good to be true. And it probably was.


Getting pregnant was not the only difficulty the couple would face. One month before giving birth to her twins, Margaret was watching TV when suddenly she started to experience painful stomach cramps. At least, that was how she could best describe it since she had no actual idea what was wrong with her.

Nervous that something might be wrong with her babies, she called Timothy and told him she was feeling the worst abdominal pain she has ever had. He rushed to their home to pick her up. They had decided to pay the doctor an extra visit so Margaret could describe her symptoms, hoping that he knew what was going on. They just prayed it was nothing serious.

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