When A Dog Gives Birth, The Vet Notices That The Puppies Are Not Puppies


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When a pregnant rescued golden retriever was brought into an animal shelter, new employee Macy took it upon herself to care for it. Macy had already been informed by the veterinarian that the puppies did not appear normal on the ultrasound. Still, when the big day arrived, she was completely taken aback by the ‘Cow’ puppies the golden retriever had given birth to… How could this have happened?

Having A Child

Macy awoke to the sound of a howling coming from downstairs. She could tell it was time. Bella was on the verge of giving birth. She jumped out of bed and dashed to the rescued golden retriever’s bed. They’d been through so much together, and seeing her in such pain broke Macy’s heart…

Not Your Average Puppies

But now was not the time to feel sorry for Bella because Macy needed to concentrate on assisting with the delivery of the puppies. She couldn’t stop herself from being enthralled. The vet had warned her that these would not be ordinary puppies. But then what the hell would they be?

‘Cow’ puppies?

Macy couldn’t believe her eyes when their first puppy finally started crowning after 2 hours of labor. The Vet had warned her, but she had not anticipated this. The puppy… It resembled a cow! Bella had just given birth to what on God’s green earth? And now, what is Macy supposed to do?

Pregnant Dog

It is not uncommon for a dog rescued from the streets to arrive at the rescue station pregnant. Animals on the streets are reduced to their basic survival and procreation instincts. What is unusual is that the rescue station is well-equipped to deal with pregnant dogs.

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